Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Longest Hiatus Of All


So hey guys -- it's been a minute since I've posted. I'm almost ashamed to look at the date of my last letter to you all. Er, that. Yeah. You have a blog, remember? A blog? That thing you write in about books and publishing and editing and the imaginative world? I could get a dictionary for you. I'm sure Merriam Webster has it these days.

The things that have happened in the past 6 months (gah! Really?!). Well there have been holidays, and Saturdays, and other days that end with the word "day". There has been sunshine and storm, and many plates spinning to keep it all together. To my credit, there have been some very hectic, very amazing, very time-consuming things.

For one, I got engaged. Let me tell you, planning a wedding and a life is pretty intensely involved. But wonderful and incredible and the most exciting journey I've ever set out on! He loves books, he loves music, he loves The Lord of the Rings -- a match made in heaven. And I thank God every day.

The conclusion in The Hobbit trilogy of films came out in the last 6 months. I saw it in theaters at least 5 times with my fiance, and I have to say it's the best of the three. Yes, there are things I could and do and have criticized heavily about the films, being such a strong fan of the first LOTR trilogy and of all of Tolkien's works in general. And yet, watching them again and again (and back to back, which also happened in the past 6 months!) I can really appreciate just how good they are, despite and indeed because of all their foibles. I want Peter Jackson to do The Silmarillion next, or Unfinished Tales. How about Turin Turambar and Morgoth (you know, only the guy that Sauron, the dark lord, the master of the rings, worked for...!) and the beginning of the world?

For two, I wrote another book. You all know about Shifted and Roaring Boys, which I finished before I went dark on this blog. Old Blood, a 13th-century retelling of Red Riding Hood, is in what I would call "post-production" right now. Final edits, final tweaks, all in all polishing and grooving. I really went to town on this one, and its the darkest of the three, really exploring the line between good and evil and the nature of a sympathetic villain-- while still remaining undeniably a villain. You know when you see a person going towards a closet or a basement in a horror movie, and you're just yelling and throwing popcorn at the screen "DON'T DO IT!!!"? Well what if you could do that while watching a villain make each wrong move that leads them inexorably to their own villain-ness and ultimate destruction?

The word "literally" also officially became defined as "figuratively" in the past 6 months...which means that it's a meaningless word, all in all, and so that's pretty note-worthy. Literally (or do I mean figuratively?).

For three, I got a literary agent. So many posts of mine are about searching for, preparing for, and contacting a literary agent, how to deal with acceptance and rejection, and yet I didn't have the time to make myself write the one post -- of my own "yes"! As of October 2014, I am represented by a literary agent of my own, and we are working on getting some books in the world. How amazing is that?

Only my life dream made real. You know. No biggee.

I still have to 1) get married 2) move 3) finish my latest book, officially 4) plan my next book 5) start my next book 6) keep breathing...but I've missed you all and I've missed keeping up with this blog. So from here on I'm turning over a new page (again) and will be back with you all on a regular basis.

Weekly barefoot news, coming right back up!

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