Friday, April 29, 2011


Hello everyone!

As you *may* have noticed (you did notice....right?.....right?) there is a new tab to the side there under the banner of "Maudlin's Shoes". Where before it was a blank, innocent patch of golden brown background, now there are the links called 'Home' and 'The Tower: 2011 Publications'. *That* my friends is the where the pieces for my portfolio, which can be found here and will be further updated as soon as I can get my hands on the records of my published works, will now reside.

Any suggestions any of you may have for how to make my portfolio better, or efficient, or more aesthetically pleasing, do feel free to drop a comment! Please feel free to show it to your friends, writing connections, or rising writers.

That is all for now! Today I engage in the terribly important act of de-stressing...and there will be puppies involved!


Friday, April 15, 2011


They can be dangerous, destructive, and scary, but I love thunder storms...and mid-Georgia is just the perfect place for them.

It's another reason I love spring and summer so much. So many people around here hate the summer because of the terrible pollen (rising around 9 to 11 in severity for weeks on end when spring hits) and the heat/humidity. I say, I'd rather be hot than cold any day. I love watching the green come back, the new flowers poke their blossoms from among budding leaves, feeling the wind and warmth regain their aromatic texture. Shorts and short sleeves!! And there's something about an oven-hot day...knowing that the heat above is causing boiling clouds to form as the air agitates, stirring up a storm whose frenzy can be measured by the fierceness of the temperature...

Can you tell I'm writing about this rather than about writing? Again, my apologies for not keeping up with you like I should. It's exam season, GA Renaissance Festival season (where I work during the 8-week run) and storm season. Right now we're under a Tornado Warning with rain drumming outside; the sky is pitch black with winds rushing through the tops of the newly greened trees, and apparently hail is on the way.

I'm currently in the middle of re-reading the complete "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams. I have only managed to pour through the first book and part of the second due to school (funny how getting a higher education can do that) but for those of you who have not encountered these books, they are a nerd/geek/sci-fi buff must-read. If you like Firefly, if you like Portal (the video game), if you like going to science fiction cons and fantasy cons, or any of that other awesome stuff, you will enjoy these books. Does that mean these books have anything remotely to do with Firefly or Portal? No. Not in the least. In fact they have *nothing* to do with Firefly or Portal other than that it's science fiction and takes place on a ship in space (some of the time) and is vastly sardonic in wit.

The humor can get on the nerves if you're not in the mood for ridiculous nonsense. The whole book is uproariously funny in its own random way-- and it *is* random. The ship that the main characters pilot, called Heart of Gold, is run by the Infinite Improbability Drive and thus is run by factors of improbability, like the improbability of a whale appearing out of nowhere a mile above the ground of an improbably unfindable planet-- yes, this happens, and you will find the thoughts of the whale prior to his unfortunate departure from the story rather starkly funny. And improbable. It's like Monty Python really. And you ask "What about a pointed stick?"


But like I said, sometimes the humor can get windy and you just wish Douglas Adams would hurry it up. He probably says that in there somewhere, come to think of it. And don't, don't, DON'T judge the books by the movie. The movie was...interesting, but it did very little to actually capture the true essence of the books. In fact the movie was just plain weird, and while the books are also just plain weird, they're weird in a rather distinctive way.

You follow Arthur Dent, human and friend to Ford Prefect, resident of somewhere in the vicinity of Betelgeuse, as he travels about the Universe with no particular destination whatsoever (I'm sure it's in there somewhere but for the life of me *I* can't remember it, and even if I did, I wouldn't be telling you, now would I, you're supposed to go read the book, silly...). There are Bypasses, Vogons, a two-headed President of the Universe named Zaphod Beeblebrox who invented the most dangerous alcoholic drink in the universe, a great big book called The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy with "Don't Panic" written on it in large, friendly letters in which you can learn how to travel the stretches of the galaxy for less than thirty Alterian dollars a day, talking cows, a potted plant, mice who rule the world, a computer named Deep Thought, the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything...really, what isn't in this book? It did after all beat out the Encyclopedia Galactica as bestseller.

Mmmm the thunder is approaching. I suppose I'd better wrap this up now so I don't risk danger to my computer.

Till then, friends-- go take a walk in the rain, I highly recommend it...just so long as you don't do so during a thunderstorm, there's lightning you know, and it's very dangerous... ; )